Subject : "Benjamin, Samuel"

Rabbi Solomon Katz of the Auckland Hebrew Congregation visits Hobart, and is welcomed by the congregation.
Rev. Jacob Lenzer visits the congregation to perform a Brit Milah

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Rabbi Francis Cohen and family make a brief visit to Hobart before leaving for London.
The synagogue is not used due to a dispute between the trustee and the Jewish community. Samuel Goldreich, a visitor from South Africa, tries to rectify the situation.
Rabbi Abraham Tobias Boas visits Hobart. There is mention that he met with Samuel Benjamin.
A brief update on the high holidays and plans to move graves from the Harrington St. cemetery to Cornelian Bay, via a bill through parliament.
Rev. Jacob Lenzer visits Hobart and is presented a book of Tasmanian views. Samuel Benjamin made the presentation. Rev. Lenzer encourages the congregation to appoint a minister.
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Samuel Benjamin speaks of the "interesting little synagogue", noting the challenges of a small community and religious education.
Rev. Issac Amber Bernstein visits the Hobart Synagogue and gives a sermon. The wedding of John Levy and Lena Glasser. There are regrets that there is not a minister.

Samuel Benjamin is helping to revive the community.