Subject : "Benjamin, Samuel"


In a report from a Hobart City Council meeting, Alderman Gould says that the Harrington Street cemetery is the only closed Hobart cemetery in good shape. Samuel Benjamin says the Jewish community employs someone to look after the Harrington St cemetery, and suggests that other denominations take better care of their cemeteries.
A short criticism of Samuel Benjamin, saying that the "sapient Hebrew disagrees with hard graft"
A critical article of Samuel Benjamin's work as a politican and efforts to reform. Benjamin is referred to as a "jewfish" and the "Temple House Hebrew". The article is mainly about Benjamin's quarrel with Sir John George Davies, who is the son of Mercury founder John Davies (also Jewish).
Samuel Benjamin gives blankets to the poor, and the writer questions why Benjamin is doing this in conjunction with the Coronation of King Edward VII. Benjamin's religion is noted.
Rabbi Solomon Katz of the Auckland Hebrew Congregation visits Hobart, and is welcomed by the congregation.
Rev. Jacob Lenzer visits the congregation to perform a Brit Milah

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Rabbi Francis Cohen and family make a brief visit to Hobart before leaving for London.
The synagogue is not used due to a dispute between the trustee and the Jewish community. Samuel Goldreich, a visitor from South Africa, tries to rectify the situation.
Rabbi Abraham Tobias Boas visits Hobart. There is mention that he met with Samuel Benjamin.
A brief update on the high holidays and plans to move graves from the Harrington St. cemetery to Cornelian Bay, via a bill through parliament.