Subject : "Small Jewish population"

A visitor paints a grim picture of the congregation, citing small numbers.

A profile of the congregation, including plans for a social hall
Statistics on Jewish population in Tasmania. The number of Tasmanian Jews from 1870 to 1891 have decreased to 84, mostly located in Hobart.
A visitor who has been to Hobart continues to advocate that the congregation needs assistance from the mainland.
A visitor from Adelaide describes the neglectful state of the Judaism in Tasmania.
Praise for the revival of the congregation and having a new minister (Rev. Isack Morris)
The congregation meets to elect officers after the death of president Samuel Benjamin. Hon. Secretary Nat Edwards resigns due to ill health. There is concern about the diminishing membership, but hope that younger members will help out.
Nat Edwards says he has to attend synagogue Saturday mornings since there are only twelve Jews in Hobart, and ten are needed for a "quorum". This is part of comments made regarding a possible act that would force shopkeepers to limit Saturday hours,
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Samuel Benjamin speaks of the "interesting little synagogue", noting the challenges of a small community and religious education.

The challenges faced with a congregation with few members and local resources